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tv   ABC2 News Good Morning Maryland 5AM  ABC  August 7, 2012 4:55am-5:30am EDT

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side, no problems to report whatsoever. looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795 towards 95. jfx in great shape. 11 minutes southbound from the beltway, downtown to east fayette street. parents will be heading to wal-mart or target stockpiling the school supplies and needs, here we want to help the children who can't afford the back to school supplies. >> we have teamed up with learning centers, a back to school drive and collecting supplies through august 24th, here is a look at the kind of supplies, backpacks, composition books pens, pencils and wide ruler paper. drop off supplies at 20 of the different locations. >> we have the information for you on the back to school drive at our website, supplies. every year it seems your child makes the changes and new grades, a new teacher.
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u.s. education secretary arnie duncan says the subjects will be more well rounded and more focused on class work and less attention on a single test. federal education leaders say with the sluggish economy, schools may cut extracurricular activities in the process. moms and dads, it's that time of year to make sure your kids get the shots. free shots in baltimore county, up to the age of 18. bring a copy of your child's vaccine records. there is one scheduled tomorrow at the eastern family resource center, from 10:00 in the morning until 3:00 in the afternoon. michael phelps has all sorts of glitter, he keeps on collecting the gold. >> carolyn left maryland as a 15 year old and back in state as an olympian. the hero's welcome she received at 5:00. ahead, the excuse one woman gave when police caught her going way over the speed limit.
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temperatures now in baltimore coming in at 72 degrees. we see cooler air, i will tell you when that arrives to us coming up. wççñçñ
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it's not always fun cooking outside in the heat and humidity. some are ordering on line. it is expensive and can cause you to pack on pounds. consumer and health experts say sites like grub hub have added healthier option to allow you to take the sauces off what you order. if you order big meals, for the next meal you can safe it instead of eating all of oh it at once. the drought causing the food prices to rise. turkey retailers not sure of the price you will pay at the grocery store, there will be an increase, substituting chicken or beef won't save you a dime.
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they are rising prices, especially beef relying on con as a basis for feed. oreo cookies, gone far out. craft came up with curiosity oreo, paid aimagine to amadge to rover. oreo made a gay pride theme oreo that drew 65,000 comments in june on facebook. same-sex marriage has been controversial. >> today is taking a new turn and catholics are coming out if support of maryland. abc 2 news at 5:00 starts right now. now, good morning maryland. >> we are learning about the man police say opened fire on a sikh temple killing six people. a warning from the government, swine new is back. it's a new strain.
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another mailedder gets gold in the pool. katie is home this morning after wowing us in london. we will look at that on this tuesday, august 7th. good morning mailed, maryland, i'm charley crowson. >> i'm megan pringle. >> it was already hot and humid, if you haven't left the house, hang on, here is meteorologist lynette charles. it is hot and humid once again this morning. we do need the rain. if you have outdoor activities today, that's going to put a smile on your face, we should stay dry. i'm not going to tell you to do the activities early on. 66 degrees in liz bin elementary. humidity 91%. dew point 63. not in the upper 60s or 70s. it's slightly humid this morning, as we go through time, we will be seeing more of the same. we had that many millersville.
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71, dew point 69 and then our last stop, camp springs, 74. 92% and 72 for a dew point. now a check of the time saver traffic with loren cook. good morning, if you are in east baltimore, watchout for the repairs, a big sink hole that continues to shutdown east monument, between wolf and patterson park avenue. stick with orlean as your alternate route. traveling the beltway, here is a live look at the west side at liberty road. everything will be up to speed, you are going to be looking at an 11 minute ride on the outer loop from 795, down towards 95. pulling up other drive times, nothing to get in your way on the jfx. no delays, 11 minutes from the southbound lanes from the beltway downtown to east fayette street. everything will be up to speed on 95 at the fort mc henry tunnel from the beltway to the toll plaza, looking at an 8
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minute ride. that's a look at your time saver traffic. soldier, skin head and shooter, that's how police say -- who police say was behind the shooting at a sikh temple in wisconsin. sherrie johnson has the details on the man who pulled the trigger. we are understanding he may have ties to white supremacy bands in maryland. >> we learned new information that ties the temple shoot tore maryland. wade michael page was a member of a band, signed with label 5 of. one civil rights organization says promoted racist hate music. the label says it stopped selling music from page's band. we know 40-year-old page served 6 years in the army and trained in psychological warfare before demoted and discharged in 1998. police are treating it as a case of domestic terrorism and ininvestigating ties to white
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supremacist groups. he killed 5 men and one woman before authorities shot him to death. victims are fighting for their life including lieutenant brian murphy, one of the fist officers to arrive at the scene. >> brian is in critical condition in the surgical intensive care unit. he had been shot nine times, one in the neck area, he told them to go in to the temple to assist those in there. >> the stunned wisconsin community remembered the victims of sunday's temple massacre during a vigil last night. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. gun laws are being relaxed in our state today who weeks ago a judge lifted a stay on his ruling that a portion of gun permit laws is unconstitutional. that means the restrictions to carry will be relaxed, no longer have to show good and substantial reason to carry a gun. the attorney general's office plans to file an appeal on this, we will keep you posted.
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a student accused of threatening to go on a ram page at the university of maryland will be in caught. alexander song posted on the website he wanted to kill enough people to make national news. he is expected to plead guilty. he felt stressed at the time he told police. they don't find weapons in his dom room. a man accused in a shooting rampage in arizona that left 6 people dead. laughner, seriously injured former congresswoman gabrielle giffords. if a judge finds him comp at the present time for trial, he will plead guilty. doctors say he suffers from schizophrenia. he was a driving force behind so many good things that made baltimore better, a soup kitchen, a program for addicts.
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damien passed away, a pastor at st. gregory the great, and served the community for 30 years. he partnered with parishes to provide holiday food to thousands of people and strong advocate for the gun buy back program. funeral is on saturday. if you would like to attend we posted the information on our website, concerns about swine flu making come back in our area. officials are warning you to be careful if you plan on visiting a fair where pigs will be exhibited. linda so is live at the fairgrounds with everything you need to know. this is making a come back after a few years. >> reporter: yeah, this new warning comes from the cdc after a dozen new cases were reported last week, none of the cases in maryland but health officials want you to be careful if you plan to attend a fair in the coming weeks. the big one happening here. the maryland state fair in 3
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years. at the howard county fair, they are taking extra precaution to help keep people safe. there are plenty of hand washing stations and hand sanitizer for you to use after coming in contact with pigs. the swine supervisor says he is checking all the pigs to make sure they are healthy. the new cases of swine flu have been reported in hawaii, ohio and indiana. they are linked to people who went to or worked with agriculture fair. it's the same in pigs as humans, fever, runny nose, coughing and trouble breathing. the best thing you can do is wash your hands after coming in contact with pigs and don't take food in or around barns. here they plan to have plenty of happened washing stations
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available. live in timonium, linda so, abc2 news. same-sex marriage advocates are rallying for the marriage equality. calling on people to visit starbucks or businesses in support of marriage rights. it started after the rally at chick-fil-a where people came out in support of the fast food chain. many people were condemning or condoning the president's statements against same sex statements. friday the supporters held a kiss in at the restaurant and the movement has been organized by e equally wed. a press conference will be held outside headquarters on boston in baltimore city. the governor signed the marriage e quality bill in to law. those opposed collected enough signatures to have the measure put on the ballot in november. swimming sensation and bethesda native, katie, is back on u.s. soil after a
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homecoming. it happened at dulles airport. her friends screamed and cheered as the olympian made her way out of the terminal. she is 15 years old. the friends say they could not be prouder of her and she appreciates their support. >> the gold medal is for them too. it means a lot. >> it's real for her. it takes a lot of work from everybody. >> how exciting. she plans in competing in the next one four years from now. she is going to relax for the rest of the summer and get ready for her sophomore year of high school. >> she would have two weeks to relax. >> the rest of the summer. >> the rest of the summer. she is going to hop off the plane. >> maybe she will spend it in the pool.
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>> still time to spend in the pool. i saw the race, she was awesome. congratulations to her. let's talk about visibility issues. we have a couple of problems out there. reduced over in york, 7 miles reduced visibility. three frederick, 7 dc. five culpepper. we are raising the bar a little bit. back to ten in baltimore. i wouldn't be surprised if that went down before it goes up as we head through the rest of the morning. let's head through your hour by hour for today. by 7:00, the temperature 75 degrees. 10:00 a.m., 8, see the temperatures beginning to heat up. lunchtime around 87 degrees and 3:00 p.m., 90, but of course, the humidity will make the 90 feel hotter than that. let's get a check of the time save traffic with loren cook. good morning. good morning, repairs continue on the water main break in downtown baltimore last month. light is shutdown, between lumbart and baltimore street. if you are traveling in the yeah, stick with hopkins place
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instead to help avoid the congestion. jfx will be nice and clear in to the city. construction continues out on 895, one northbound lane is going to be closed there at the steel bridge. as the morning progresss, stick with the fort mc henry instead. he is a live look at the south side of 95, interstate 195, traffic picking up along the southbound lanes heading down towards dc. no significant delays as of yet. . coming up the antismoking ads that maybe working and the proof ing nizzers have to -- the proof organizers have to back it up. [ female announcer ] over the last ten years,
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cleaning power than bleach. how? the secret is hydrogen peroxide. it attacks tough stains and kills 99.9% of germs. new lysol power & free. powerful cleaning that's family friendly. another step forward in our mission for health. we are all guilty of this at some point or another. police may hear creative excuses when it comes to pulling people over to avoid speeding tickets. >> this maybe a first. one woman was going to win for
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the most unusual reason for fleeing from police. she didn't stop because she was topless. police say she ran a stop sign, crashed in to a tree and when a patrol car tried to pull her over, she was in route to surprise her boyfriend. >> she did something stupid, to impress me. that's all it was. that's it. there is the boyfriend. >> she needs a trench coat i guess. >> she was booked for alluding law enforcement and supposed to start working as teacher's aid for the school district. officials say the job is definitely in jeopardy. >> we have the strangest stories that come out of florida from time to time. they do. >> everybody has their top on, right loren? >> let's hope so. if u headed on 895, construction is starting to pick up. one northbound lane is shutdown at the steel bridge. this week is going to be the
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worst. as the morning progresses and throughout the week, stick with the fort mc henry, to avoid that congestion. if you are headed out to 83, here is a live look in baltimore county, hunt valley, shawan road. nothing to get in your way, a nice easy ride, as you travel down towards 695, as we pull up drive times, jfx, going to be nice and clear, 11 minutes traveling southbound from the beltway, downtown to east fayette. 695 in great shape on the outer loop from 95, up towards 83. no delays on the west side this morning. the outer loop clear from 795, towards 95. the stretch going to take you 11 minutes. here is lynette charles with a look at the forecast. have you been watching the olympics. i have. i'm like a phene. temperatures 73 wedgewood.
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66riseers66riseers66 reisterstown. satellite and radar, picking up on clouds pushing in across the area. the wet weather is down to the south, scattered in nature. that will subside as we go through the rest of today. that stationary front is draped around this area, so all that drier air really hasn't been able to funnel in. we are feeling on the humid side this morning. let's take you to the tropics, ernesto aiming for mexico. the center of circulation is in here, this is starting to slide off to the west, as it makes its eye on the yucatan as we head through today and it is sustained now. the winds at 65 miles an hour. it's moving to the west, northwest at 11 miles. a category one hurricane before it makes landfall. we will keep our eyes peeled
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for that. the good news is it stays away from us. moisture is high this morning, we can see it in the upper 60s. less humids but still humid nonetheless. we look at the future temperatures from 83-86 throughout the day. graphic antismoking ads may seem to have you thinking twice about lighting up. the ads ran for three mots, you may remember they showed people talking about how smoking caused paralysis, lung removal, and amputations. the numb of people quitting do to the ads aren't out yet. the quit line has 192,000 more calls, double the number they usually get. their website, smoke free .gov, they tripped the number of visitors. cdc plans to do similar ad campaigns next year. the 12 hour cram sessions and uninterrupted caffeine
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shorelines, sometimes entering the water to work up river to the base of the fall. rescuers had to lower themselves town with ropes to get them. after pulling them to safety, police placed them in handcuffs. >> it's pretty stupid. >> i don't know why anybody would want to try that. >> they are safe, that tts incredible part. >> the three 20 year olds were charged with disorderly conduct and reckless endangerment. there are all sorts of cell phones to choose from. >> the buy back program could get you money, maybe $100. the only place this the deal is offered coming up. maryland's most powerful radar is dry. when the next chance for rain moves in. at sleep number, individualizing your sleep is at the heart of every innovation.
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thank you for staying with us. american airlines offering a new service, allowing passengers to skip baggage claim, if a extra fee, passengers can have bags delivered to their home or hotel room. american airlines promises most people will get their bags within four hours. most people? >> that fee for the baggage delivery costs you $30. >> all right, if you are thinking about getting a new phone, you may want to look in to samsung. they are ofing to take your old phone and paying up to 300 bucks for the keyword, up to. if you trade in, exhilarate you get 100 detroit. a droid will set you $20. it's available through their facebook page. a huge fire breaks out at a refinery in a western city. we will look at how the smoke the smoke and flames are
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affecting those in the area.
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